I'm glad you are ready to change your lifestyle. A lot of you may have already been on weight loss programs and found that after you stop those particular programs you go back stop that particular program you return to your original weight. The reason you fail is because you are either put on a diet which is too low on calories or don't include a good exercise program to go with your diets. One of the reason for the low calorie diet is because women don't want to have 6 to 8 meals a day. It is more effective to have 6 meals a day rather than 3 large meals. Remember in order to raise your metabolic rate which helps burn body fat faster, you must eat smaller meals, more frequently. As an athlete with so many years experience, I have helped out numerous men and women to get in the best shape of their lives and open the road to glory by winning many competitions. 

Let me explain why I started the Maximum-Fat Loss Program (Max-FT) I just don't like consumers getting ripped off. I take pride in what I do and just like you I expect to get value for my hard earned money. I see a lot of companies marketing hundreds of products specifically designed to help you lose body fat. Unfortunately a large percentage of these products don't deliver the goods. One of the products in question is a protein especially designed for ladies. Honestly speaking, these are the cheapest products ever made and won't help you lose weight because they contain too many carbohydrates and lactose. I dont see any of these companies offering you 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein similar to HP-100 which is also 100% lactose free which means your body can absorb it right away and help you to recover 
to the optimum level. 

I want to make you aware that just because you see a picture of a slim lady on the label, it doesn't guarantee the quality of the product nor the end result. Before you buy a product do some research and make sure that the products have 100% money back guarantee. 
Max-FT diet and training program will help you get results like never before. I want you to follow the diet and do not skip any meals. Don't be scared, having 5 - 6 meals a day won't make you get fat but it will increase your metabolism. Stay away from simple carbohydrates 
such as fruits. If you really crave fruit whilst on this diet, I highly recommend to have it right after you finish training. The reason why, by having simple carbs after training it will not be stored as fat because it will be utilized to restore energy lost during training.


I believe that the hardest part of getting in shape is to stick to a diet. I can't blame you for that as we all waver once the foods become boring. I've been through this stage myself. Once I get tired of eating the same foods over and over, I play around with different complex carbs to make it a bit more interesting. 

Most of us miss our daily bread as it is often omitted from diet plans. This is because bread is high glycemic and very starchy. A good substitute for bread is polenta. Polenta tastes very nice mixed with sweet potato. Remember not to overeat, a little 
will break the monotony. Ensure that you eat till you feel satisfied but never full. Another combination is lentils and sweet potato. 

If you miss pasta, I recommend to buy wholemeal flour and make your own fettucini. Add a little sweet potato and you've got a tasty meal. Boiled corn cobbs without butter are a good source of complex carbs. If you are not sure about anything just give us a call, we'll be happy to assist you. 

  • 6.45 AM

    HP-100 and 1 Serve Xtreme-Cuts

  • 7.00 AM

    2-4 Scrambled eggs ( or as an omelette with 1 small tomato & mushrooms )

  • 7.30

    AM (Training) 
  • 9:00 AM

    After training 1 serve HP-100

  • 10:00 AM

    150g Grilled chicken breast & 100g sweet potato

  • 12:00 AM

    1 Serve Xtreme- Cuts

    150g Grilled or steamed chicken breast and 100g steamed rice or 100g lentils

  • 2:00 PM

    150g Grilled fish or 150g chicken breast with steamed vegies

  • 5:00 PM

    150g Grilled or steamed chicken with lemon & green salad

  • 8:00 PM

    100-150 Grilled fish and green salad

  • 10:00 PM

    Before going to bed 1 serve HP-100


I want to welcome you to the most advanced training program when talking about losing body fat and getting in the best shape of your life. This program won't be a waste of your time, I can guarantee that your will get results like never before. After starting on this program you will be so impressed with the results, you won't want to stop simply because you'll see your body shape change on a weekly basis. This will keep you focused and motivated. 

Firstly I want to show you how to lose body fat and get in shape without having to join the gym. You may be saying to yourself, I don't have time to join a gym/fitness centre, how can I still get in shape. Don’t despair! We will help you achieve your goals. I recommend you to follow the diet listed above and include a 30 minute power walk 5 days a week, this will speed up your metabolism and help you burn out more calories and body fat. Just a reminder that this process will help drop body fat but it will not alter your body shape. I highly recommend to join a fitness centre if possible because if you incorporate the Max-FT program you will lose body fat 5-6 times faster than by doing cardio alone.


  1. Before commencing any weight exercises please warm up by cycling or going on the treadmill for approx. 10 minutes.Before getting stuck into heavy weight training make sure you do 2 - 3 sets as warm up exercises. Warm up should be no more than (10-12 reps) don't burn out on your warm up sets. Make sure you don't train the same body part more than once a week. Cardio is more efficient if done intensely for 30 minutes than just at leisurely pace for one hour. The longer your cardio session the more muscle tissue you waste.